The Amazing Seller Podcast

The Amazing Seller Podcast
August 1, 2017 Tommy Saunders
In Marketing

The Amazing Seller Podcast (click here)

The Amazing Seller Podcast gives tips on how to sell on Amazon. This podcast is hosted by Scott Voelker and is all about selling on Amazon FBA, private labeling, and how to become private labeler. If you’re an entrepreneur that is currently running an e-commerce business, would like to sell products online, or currently selling any type of physical products I would highly recommend this show! Just check out the steps that Scott has highlighted below. He has an individual episode on each of these steps to sell on Amazon. I’ll also add that these are great steps for selling physical products and sourcing it regardless where you plan to sell it. Check them all out below and Go Kill it!!



Step 1: How To Research and Choose Your First Product To Sell On Amazon

Step 2: How To Find Your Supplier in China using Alibaba

Step 3: How To Launch Your Product and Start Getting Sales

Step 4: How To Promote Your Product and Get Sales Using Amazon PPC

Step 5: How To Price Your Product During and After Launch Phase

Step 6: How To Receive Positive Feedback and Reviews to Improve Listings

Update to #6 – Feedback and Review Systems



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