August 13 – Workout of the Day

August 13 – Workout of the Day
August 13, 2018 Tommy Saunders
In Workouts
  1. Bike
  2. DB Squat Jumps to Front Raise
  3. Arc Run /Arc Mountain Climber
  4. Arc Run /Arc Mountain Climber
  5. Band Shuffles
  6. Shuffle Burpee
  7. Leaning Back Facepulls
  8. split lunge jumps with lateral raises
  9. Terra Core Sit-up to Single Leg Glute Extension
  10. TRX Hip Pop-Up to over head raise DB and Flys/ TRX Dip knee tucks
  11. Lateral Lunge Jumps with DBs switches with row
  12. Bosu and Swiss ball rollouts squat front Raise
  13. Crisscross leg raise
  14. Foam Roller Glute Kicks to Roll Out
  15. Split Jump Burpess

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