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Facebook Ads | Self-Taught | Tommy Saunders - EveryDay. Hustle.

Facebook Ads | Self-Taught

Facebook Ads | Self-Taught
March 3, 2017 Tommy Saunders

Facebook Ads | Self-Taught

When I invented the Rock 360, like most entrepreneurs I felt like I had an amazing product and everyone was going to buy it as soon as they saw it! After I developed the product I was ready to start my company and start selling. My wife and I would drive all over the country selling Rock 360s at fitness tradeshows and universities. We would sell out at almost every show. The feeling we got selling over 200 Rock 360s at a 2-day tradeshow was an incredible high! But when we got home… let me tell you had bad it sucked. We called and emailed every business owner from the show. We spent weeks and weeks following up with people and we never really sold more than a handful. Well, there was this one time we sold $24,000 worth of product to a company in Brazil, but other than that we didn’t sell anything (lol). We had no clue how we were going to scale the company. We raised capital and tried everything: we hired a PR firm, got product into celebrities hands but still no sales. We hired a marketing company that did everything you would expect a marketing company to do. They wrote blogs, SEO’d our website, made website changes, ran banner ads, show us traffic reports, and increased our traffic, they did everything but actually, sell product. Their reports looked phenomenal but after 3 months we had only sold 100 units, which grossed about $6,000. Guess what our bill was… Not $6,000. Try $33,318. Hire a marketing company and let them do all the work, send you the reports, and collect your checks, wrong! I can tell you that this was a very expensive lesson for us.

I was new to this entrepreneur stuff at the time so don’t judge me. What did come out of this was a passion to figure out how to sell my product. I’ve seen people use it, get results, and love it! Through a long process of listening to Gary Vaynerchuk and adding our friend, a web developing to the mix, my wife and I learned all about Facebook Ads. Through this experience, we have now grossed $1.2 million in gross sales. I tell this story for the one person out there trying to run ads on their own. I hope I can save you at least $20k from just giving you some basic information about Facebook Ads that we found out the hard way. So, if you are just getting started, click the link below to get my basic guidelines to running Facebook Ads.

Facebook Marketing 101

– Tommy

Note: I want these blog to be my voice and my thoughts. When I rereading this it made me think…. I always see phrases like this when reading or listening to a story. Especially, in the Bible, Like Moses, for example, waited for 40 years in the wilderness, for his destiny. Do you know how long 40 years is… like I am mad when my Netflix buffers for 3 seconds. It’s just so crazy to me how we read stories and we take time for granted. I’m telling a story about my Facebook ads experience which was a 5-year learning process all summed up in two paragraphs.

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