FEWDM Apparel

FEWDM Apparel
December 24, 2017 Tommy Saunders
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When I created the Rock 360, I had to come up with a name for my company. All the “good” names were already trademarked (lol) and I had come up with something original. I was working to come up with a name for about two months and eventually got frustrated with the process. So, I decided to name the company FEWDM as it was the motivation behind everything I did. FEWDM was something that I had been writing on my mirror and cleats since high school. I used it as self-motivation and thought maybe others could relate to it as well. So, I created silicone bracelets for the launch of the Rock 360 to give out for promotions. People loved the FEWDM brand, and with the help of my friends, we sold about 6,000 bracelets and apparel over a 6-month period. But, once the Rock 360 launched, all the focus shifted to seeing it become successful and the clothing line took a back seat.

Since the launch of FEWDM, we have struggled with a clear “brand identity” as we launched clothing, fitness products, and services. Even with our identity changing every year we were still able to convey a strong “concept” that many people connected with. This was the concept of working through adversity to bring your vision to life despite any obstacles you might face. For many, obstacles come in the form of doubt. Whether it’s from others or internal. FEWDM essentially stands for the ability to turn negativity into positivity and action and letting that be the determining factor in your ultimate success.

We are excited to continue to connect with people through a new line of apparel and what I believe will be the brand identity for the future.

Note to self – Be the Brand


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