Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast
August 24, 2017 Tommy Saunders
In Marketing

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

The Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast gives tips on how to build a solid foundation for your online business. This podcast is hosted by Amy Porterfield and I really like it because she gives some great foundational business strategy tips to not only help you market but actually run your business. She does a great job of bringing new people on her show and asking them tactical questions about different aspects of building your business strategy. If you asked me what makes her podcast different from others’ is that Amy does a great job of building a connection between your marketing strategy and your business strategy which is a very critical part of building any business. She does give you clear actionable steps to grow and automate your business.  She focuses a lot on webinars and online training which is really good for any business as most need some form of education series for their customers. Overall, Amy’s podcast is a great resource for any business owner or entrepreneur.


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