Workout day Jun18th

Workout day Jun18th
June 18, 2018 Tommy Saunders
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1 Bike – Arms Only

2 Crab Walk Toe Touches


3 Knee Tucks

4 Wall Russian Twists

5 Row Knee Tucks


6 DB front raise

7 Cable Core

8 TRX Bent Row


10 MB Lunge slams




Hand Mountain Climbers

Terra Core Burpee Kettle Bell Pick Up

Weighted Jumping Jacks

Core Rowing

Russian Twist Rowing

Dumbell RDLs

Dumbell Burpee to Bent Row

Cable Squats

Lunge, Lunge, Squat Jumps

TRX Single Leg Squat to Row


Cable Squat to Rotations

Cable Russian Twists

Band Hip Pop-Ups

Band Clams

Revell Rope Pulls

Bosu Burpee with Front Raise

Walking Terra Core Lunge

Wall Sit

Run to shuffle

Wall Shit Medicine Ball Slams

Rowing Lunge

Step Up Jumps

MB with Handles Swings to OverHead

Partner Sand Bag Slams Finisher

Decline Knee Tucks with foam Roller

Shuffles with Band Walks and squats

Sandbag burpee pullthrough

Sand bag slams bent row



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